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“We’re trying to have a large impact, but we only have a small team.”

Amanda Blaurock, co-founder of Village Exchange Center, is passionate about serving meals to Aurora’s immigrant and refugee families. Her team was challenged to rapidly scale their services from feeding 50 families to 700 families during the pandemic.

“We wanted to bring food to people who had COVID-19, but we needed a touchless system where volunteers could deliver bags of food safely.”

SVP Denver provided Amanda’s team with a technology consultant.

“Our technology consultant made it possible for us to grow our food pantry during the pandemic. SVP Denver helped us feel so supported. They enabled us to expand our services in a way we couldn’t do otherwise, because we just simply couldn’t afford the level of talent we were given.”

Now Village Exchange Center serves almost 6,000 people per year with culturally appropriate food.

“Last year was probably one of the most stressful times. We had so many unknowns within our organization, and we were sometimes feeling alone and isolated – not knowing whether we should just shut down. So it felt very nice to have SVP Denver walk us through the difficulties that we were going through so that we could serve more people.”