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About SVP Denver

Social Venture Partners Denver (SVP Denver) amplifies the impact of local nonprofits and social mission organizations addressing economic and health inequities in Metro Denver by connecting them to the support and expertise they need to thrive.

The problem

There are more than 17,000 social mission organizations in Denver, but limited resources and connections are holding them back from reaching their full potential. More than 90% of local nonprofits operate on budgets of less than $1M and research shows that organizations closest to issues – especially those led by people of color and other marginalized identities – face consistent obstacles in building connections with funders needed to achieve their missions.

Our solution

We collaborate with a growing network of businesses, funders, and individual Partners to deliver high quality training, mentorship community events and funder connections that drive impact for dozens of social mission organizations each year – at no cost to their organization. 


Our impact

In our 20+ year history, we have:

  • Provided more than 30,000 hours of free, skills-based support
  • Driven $26M+ into local impact initiatives
  • Supported 350+ local social mission organizations

Our vision

SVP Denver envisions a diverse, collaborative, and effective ecosystem of nonprofits, social ventures, skilled volunteers and impact-driven funders to help create thriving communities across Greater Denver.


Our Values


We believe in the power of strong and interconnected communities. We foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among our team and the social mission organizations we support. We strive to create a community-driven environment that encourages collective action for positive change. We believe that more can be accomplished together than separately.


Our commitment to impact is unwavering. We measure success not only by the resources deployed but also by the tangible and lasting changes we make through our investments of time and resources in social mission organizations in our community. SVP Denver is dedicated to amplifying impact in the communities we serve, helping Partners to have a collective impact in ways they may not be able to do individually. 


SVP Denver is rooted in principles of equity. We actively seek to dismantle barriers and address systemic issues in the pursuit of social justice with our emphasis on supporting organizations that address health and economic inequities. Through our ongoing commitment to diversity, inclusivity, belonging, justice and equity, we strive to create a world where opportunities and resources are accessible to all, regardless of background or circumstance.


Challenging the systems and practices that led to vast concentrations of wealth and resources is critical to achieving equity. From our unique position as a connector between philanthropists and social mission organizations, SVP Denver shifts power to under-resourced and under-represented communities by increasing access to the tools, resources, and support they need to grow and thrive. We prioritize support for organizations with leadership that has deep lived-experience and connections to the communities in which they work.  We believe in harnessing the collective power of individuals and organizations to drive meaningful change, using new approaches to decision-making and accountability, and balancing the distribution of wealth and power through equitable movement of resources.


Since innovation is key to solving complex social challenges, SVP Denver encourages creative thinking and innovative solutions in addressing social, economic, and environmental inequities. We embrace new ideas and unconventional approaches that can lead to transformative outcomes.


A commitment to lifelong learning and curiosity drives our approach. SVP Denver fosters an environment where individuals are encouraged to explore, question, and seek a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. We believe that staying open-minded allows us to adapt, grow, and continually improve our strategies for positive social impact.

SVP International


SVP Denver is part of a worldwide network of 40+ SVP affiliates existing in various cities in eight different countries, collectively supporting over 3,400 partners who give a combination of their time, talent and treasure to over 900 nonprofit and social enterprise organizations.  Learn more about Social Venture Partners International and how we all amplify the impact of those out to do good by connecting and supporting donors, investors, nonprofits and social enterprises so we can make greater impact together.