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Join the SVP Denver Board of Directors

We support the Denver impact ecosystem. As a Board Member you can help by leveraging your time, skills, and resources to drive social change in Metro Denver. 


About SVP Denver

As an engaged philanthropy organization, our primary value proposition is the collective human and social capital of our Partners and staff, who engage in impact investing and building the capacity of other nonprofit and social enterprise organizations, collaborations and initiatives. SVP Denver goes beyond traditional philanthropy, working side by side with donors and nonprofits to provide access to funding and subject matter expertise to further strategic missions. 

To make a deep, sustainable and positive impact on our community, SVP Denver believes in engaging and learning, leveraging and strengthening, connecting and collaborating, inclusivity and respect, as well as taking risks and growing. These values will be considered in board recruitment. 

SVP Denver is currently part of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) who acts as our Fiscal sponsor and among other things manages our administrative functions such as accounting and HR. 


Board of Director Overview

We are recruiting candidates who are excited about our mission and want to help us scale to increase our impact to social mission orgs in the Greater Denver Area.

Our full board is 10 members with a 2-year initial term and option to renew. Our board is composed of business leaders, philanthropists, and nonprofit leaders. We are currently recruiting for 4 board positions, including an incoming BOD Chair, Treasurer and general board, due to tenure completion of existing board members. Here are some of the ways we are looking to add to our Board: 

Skill set, racial and socioeconomic diversity

It is important to have professionals in our membership that represent the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the communities we serve. At the same time recognize that parts of our history, practices, and programming exclude the very communities we intend to serve. We also recognize that successful community wealth-building happens by strengthening and building upon relationships between people from all areas of our community.

 Almost 50% of the organizations we work with are led by a person of color and / or a leader who has lived experience in the communities they currently support. SVP Denver would like to serve as a model for trust-based philanthropy by investing in leaders who have lived experience with the communities we partner with and believe our leadership team would be stronger if we had more diverse voices at the table.

Financial experience

One of the priority roles we’re currently recruiting is our Board Treasurer. This role sits on the Board Executive Committee and formal financial and nonprofit accounting experience would be wonderful, but not necessary. We are looking for someone with strong financial acumen who can act as a partner to the ED, hold us accountable, and consider strategic opportunities to grow.

Investment experience 

We have a social impact investor group (SIIG) that is composed of individuals and foundations who are interested in moving impactful capital by making low interest loans and equity investments in social ventures and nonprofits. Someone with experience in investing who is interested in creating meaningful collaborations with other investors would be a great fit.

Development interest / experience

Individuals who are interested in leveraging their personal and professional connections to help support the organization and/or the nonprofits we serve, especially with Businesses interested in Engaged CSR opportunities.

Strategic Planning

As SVP Denver grows we need individuals from the for-profit sector who have done strategic planning to align funding, staffing and programming plans and determine feasibility around scalability and sustainability.

Marketing / PR / Public Brand

We want to amplify the SVP Denver message and would love individuals who have a strong personal or professional brand and / or expertise in marketing, PR and communications.

What the Commitment Entails

  • The board meets 5x/year for 2 hours. We are looking for members who are willing to commit to regular and active participation leading up to and during attendance at these meetings. Board terms are 2-years.
  • Projects between meetings may require additional time commitment. Each board member is asked to participate in a committee, and options include: Investee Selection, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Impact Investing Group Sub-Committee, Development and Marketing.
  • Board members are expected to pay an individual membership fee that is meaningful to you. 
  • All board members are asked to support member recruitment and onboarding.

Ready to Apply?

The Fall 2022 application deadline for the Board of Directors positions has now passed but we will be recruiting again in Spring 2023.

If you have any questions about the selection process, please send an email to 


Meet some of the organizations our Partners Support



< $4M REVENUE (MOST < $1 M)



What Social Mission Organizations say about their experience

“You have given us the tools needed and a good foundation for crafting and presenting a winning pitch to investors, customers and partners. Each and every one of you have been instrumental with preparing our group to create and deliver a (tailored) pitch with passion.”

Lori Collier
Program Manager, African Leadership Group

“We gained a tremendous amount from this cohort—having external unaltered feedback from various people with key components to keep in mind has strengthened our approach greatly!”

Brigid McRaith
Executive Director, Mile High Youth Corps

“I think the cohort probably saved us a year in terms of understanding what we do and why and for whom.”

Mike Rosol
Free Range Beehives