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Tricia is Vice President, Community Impact, at Mile High United Way. 
Tricia joined the SVP Denver Board in November 2022.


From your experience so far with SVP Denver, what do you feel makes it special? What do you feel sets it apart? 

Being on the board for only six months, I would have to say the people set SVP Denver apart.  The board members that I’ve met have such passion and dedication to helping the organization achieve its mission and vision. They commit so much time and they make sure the organization is very well represented when it’s doing anything that’s outward facing. That’s something that really impresses me.  

What nonprofit in Denver inspires you the most? 

The Montbello Organizing Committee inspires me because it is community rooted and focused on creating economic inclusion. I’ve had the opportunity to watch the organization grow from one staff person to a really broad based, experienced team. They are all driven and rowing in the same direction which is helping to make the Montbello area a vibrant place where residents want to live, work, and play.

What is your role with the Montbello Organizing Committee? 

I am a Board member although I am exiting soon. I’ll still be involved in the community as they have opportunities for engagement. My husband and I own a business in Montbello, so we will always be active.

What is something you’re really good at, but not many people know 

Ping pong. I’m just really good at it. I love to play. If I see a table, I’m looking for the paddle and the ball. In the workroom at my previous employer, we had a large work table. Every Friday I converted it into a ping pong table and we would take turns playing.

This actually sparked my interest in pickleball – a combination of tennis and ping pong. So I am going to pick up pickleball this season. 

What do you think is Denver’s best kept secret?

The best kept secret is the city’s economic development program strategy and team. I think it’s really important to continue to attract and retain high quality employers and bring new job opportunities to the City and County of Denver.

I also believe that when these companies come to Denver, there needs to be a concerted effort to ensure their employment opportunities can be accessible by local residents and not necessarily taken by employees being imported into the region. We need to remain competitive in order to attract high quality employers.

Knowing what I know about the future of work, and looking at all of the opportunities around the city, I think Denver’s economic development team is one of the top economic development teams in the country. 

What do you see them doing right?

They promote the region as a great place not only for businesses, but also a great place to raise a family, educate your children, and enjoy the outdoors.

For this work, you also need to do the research to find out which companies are expanding and then develop relationships with them. It takes a company a long time to figure out if they’re going to grow or expand.  Then they have to choose their new location. So, having the expertise to identify these opportunities and develop those long-term relationships is key.

You also need to leverage your elected officials. A lot of times, that is the icing on the cake. That’s how you seal the deal.  Bring in your elected officials to talk about the value of being in the City and County of Denver.  I just think the city is really good at doing that.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I think I would like folks to know that I am passionate about creating an economy that works for everyone, and I am passionate about being innovative in achieving that outcome. I think the Denver area is really a great place to do that because SVP Denver and its Partners in the city and community organizations are the type that embrace innovation.

Programs like the Universal Basic Income Program and social impact bonds exemplify the willingness to try new things in order to solve a longstanding problem. Then, we can tinker with the formula to make it successful.

That’s the spirit that I have.  That’s why I really enjoyed being a part of SVP Denver – a community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are willing to try something new to solve our community’s issues.