Calendar of Events

On October 14, 2021, we had the privilege of hosting a virtual conversation with several individuals who are working to create a more equitable, sustainable local food system – including multiple people who are too often left out of these conversations, local producers who actually grow our food. In the recording below, you’ll hear from Roberto Meza, founder of East Denver Food Hub; a group of CU Masters of Environment students who shared their learnings from a project to map our food system; and several visionary farmers and entrepreneurs – Irving Reza of Sugar Moon Mushrooms, Derrick Hoffman of Hoffman Farms, Shannon Francis from Spirit of the Sun and David Demerling from Emerald Gardens – who share their unique approaches to growing food, the challenges they face and why they do what they do. 

Our partner in this event, the East Denver Food Hub, is working to reimagine and build a new food system here in Colorado driven by shared values and a commitment to community. To support this work, you can purchase food from them (including several of the farmers in the vdieo) directly through their online marketplace or at the Saturday City Park Farmers Market.