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Calling all change-makers!  Come together with SVP Denver to increase your effectiveness, amplify your impact, and drive social change.

Whether you are an individual hoping to realize greater impact with your giving by volunteering your unique skills to help local nonprofits, a nonprofit looking to take your work to the next level, or a business that wants to engage more effectively with your community while providing quality professional development opportunities for your employees  – we might just be the perfect place for you! Learn about how you fit into our partnership below.

Social Mission Organization

SVP enhances the organizational effectiveness of nonprofits and for-profit social enterprises through free strategic consulting, training programs and low-interest impact investments. 


SVP provides the infrastructure to empower people to realize greater impact in their personal giving through quality skills-based volunteering, educational, networking and impact investing.


SVP provides companies with an impactful philanthropic engagement experience for their employees and significant touch points in the community to enhance their brand and fulfill their social mission.