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SVP Denver Partner Spotlight: Matt Jones, Theory of Change (TOC) Cohort Partner-Coach

Why did you decide to join SVP Denver?

I like that in SVP’s model, we as Partners provide sweat equity and in doing so, have an impact on the community. I’m showing up and donating my time which creates a rich experience, both for me and our investees. 

Why did you decide to participate in the cohort program?

I wanted the opportunity to learn alongside the investee as we provide support. I like learning and connecting with people and this opportunity is short-term and provides participants the flexibility to create the experience they want to have. 

Tell us about your investee- what do they do?

Law School Yes We Can! (LSYWC) was a great fit for this program. They were motivated and ready to be held accountable to get a result out of their time investment. They’re in a position for big-time growth and this opportunity will help them leverage that potential.

What do you think your investee got out of the experience? What did you get out of it?

LSYWC clarified their story and vision for what the organization can be and focused it in a concise manner thru the process of creating their Theory of Change (TOC).

For me, I learned a lot about LSYWC as an organization, about TOC and the great importance it can play for an organization. I also now better understand trends in the Denver nonprofit community and how we can support them moving forward.

What are your biggest learnings or take-aways on the TOC cohort topic?

Organizations can never invest enough time in aligning their vision with where they’ve come from and where they’re going and packaging it in a clear and concise manner via a TOC. 

What advice do you have for future cohort coaches?

Being aware of TOC’s purpose is crucial and should be considered crucial to the strategic planning process. Knowing the basics of what the experience will deliver enables you to be more insightful and steer your investee in the right direction to ensure a valuable final product that your investee can immediately put to use.