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So how does SVP Denver measure impact? While we collect data on the outcomes of our engagements, we still find it rewarding to hear feedback directly from the non-profits where we invest our time and resources. Leaders at one of our recent investees – Second Chance Center – described their experience working with SVP Denver:

Hassan Latif, Executive Director: “SVP helped us expand – you sold us on growth ideas – and now we are better prepared for the future.”  

James Laurie, Board Chair: “SVP listened to our needs and our ways, and shared their experiences. In some ways they did for SCC as an organization what our staff seeks to do for our clients. They helped us see SCC in a much larger context and expand our sense of possibilities.”

Dana Jenkins, Operations Director: “SVP took us to another level by giving us the guidance to get there and teaching us things we didn’t know.”

Second Chance Center (SCC) is a Colorado-based nonprofit that serves formerly-incarcerated people with an integrated and innovative program of mentoring, counseling, education, job training and community engagement. Other services include practical assistance in accessing jobs, housing and transportation. SCC serves approximately 1,300 clients each month.

During our engagement from August 2017 to May 2019, the SVP Denver team worked on three “change” projects: strategic planning, fund development and communications, and implementation of a donor management system. Notable outcome include:

  1. Facilitated a strategic planning process with SCC staff and board to define core values and establish measurable goals for 2018-2022.
  2. Initiated an email outreach campaign in 2017 to current and potential donors, yielding a 33% growth in Colorado Gives Day donations over the prior year.
  3. Implemented a new donor database that:
    • Reduced monthly software cost, resulting in an $1,800 annual savings
    • Captured donor data from event ticket sales, enabling future outreach to attendees
    • Allowed online donations directly from the website, encouraging participation
    • Streamlined donor data input, saving time and money