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Why do nonprofits need help sharing their stories?

Brigid McRaith is the CEO of Mile High Youth Corps, a Denver-based youth and workforce development organization. Brigid shares Mile High Youth Corps’ story to explain why her team needs support from the community… But that’s easier said than done.

“Our work can be a little complex and there’s a lot going on. When we tell our story, I want to make sure the listener understands our programs clearly and walks away able to digest the enormity of the impact we have in the communities we serve.

SVP Denver paired Brigid up with a storytelling coach.

Our coach was really helpful and brought significant expertise. Her specific and direct feedback, grounded in experience, helped us hone our messaging and distill complex language. Through SVP Denver’s support, we were able to simplify our message, engage others in the work, and increase giving.

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Now you can visit Mile High Youth Corp’s website to read their new story:

“This is more than a job. At Mile High Youth Corps, we bring young people from diverse life experiences together to learn, work hard, and grow in service to the community, the environment, and their own development.”

Visit Mile High Youth Corps’ Website