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SVP Denver provides a menu of capacity building services that represent the expertise of our current Partner-members and overlaps with the greatest need for investees, the term we use for our nonprofit partners, in our Denver community. Our Partner-members provide high-impact capacity building also known as “technical assistance” via short-term consulting projects, which nonprofits with limited resources would normally be unable to afford. This support is intended to be transformational for a nonprofit and set them on a clear path to success by increasing their impact.

We offer the following:

COHORTS: We run cohorts several times a year and schedule them based on subject matter expertise and investee needs. Cohorts are a series of 4-5 workshops led by a subject matter expert in each area. Investees are matched with an SVP Partner-member with several years of professional experience who will act as their coach to help support them during the cohort and provide third-party feedback on deliverables. 

Investees complete an eight- to 10-week workshop with three to six other organizations.  The cohorts meet weekly for 1-2 hours and finish the cohort experience with final deliverables they can immediately put to use. Investees benefit from working and learning alongside peer community-led organizations and their Partner-coaches. Clear expectations regarding involvement, roles, and responsibilities ensures that the experience is beneficial to all involved.

We also highly value bringing diverse voices to the table. In fall 2020, 73% of participating organizations primarily serve the BIPOC community and 36% were BIPOC led.

  • Refine Your Organization’s Pitch to Attract Funding / weeks of 3/15-4/26/21 / FULL

Refine the storytelling of your impact including better articulating how your work leads to meaningful change and how to request funds (investments and/or grants) to support your work. Cohort culminates with a pitch practice session where you will receive valuable feedback to continue the refinement process. The scope is here.

  • Create a Theory of Change to Demonstrate Your Impactweeks of 4/12-5/24/21 / FULL

Develop a product that tells the story of who you serve, what you do and the impact you have. You will create a narrative and graphic of your Theory of Change to leverage immediately with key stakeholders including potential funders. The scope is here.

  • Refine Your Evaluation Processes / weeks of 5/6-7/1/21 / CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS       

Revisit your key learning questions and associated indicators and develop an evaluation plan and associated processes that will enable adaptive management of programs to improve their effectiveness. The scope is here.

What participants are saying about our cohorts:

  • 100% of participants would recommend the cohort experience to a colleague
  • 100% of nonprofits plan to use their pitch deck or Theory of Change in the future

We gained more alignment and clarity on our work and how we articulate the activities and impact of our programs. –Colorado Young Leaders, Theory of Change cohort participant

We appreciated getting access to expertise to receive guidance and feedback including a 1:1 approach to deep dive into a particular ask for the organization as well as valuable networking opportunities. Forward Steps, Pitch cohort participant

INDIVIDUAL STRATEGIC PROJECTS: Leadership and staff from your organization will work directly with SVP Denver partners rather than in a group cohort setting. Examples of projects include:

  • Improving your financial management system
  • Guiding you through a merger of two nonprofit organizations
  • Supporting improvement of board of director governance processes
  • Developing a business plan to guide your organization’s growth
  • Tapping into masterminds by assembling a group of SVP Denver experts on a specific need (real estate, mergers/acquisitions, fundraising, etc.) to share expertise and solve problems.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis from organizations focused on basic human needs or economic mobility (e.g. housing, food security, education, job training, etc). Selected organizations will participate in a one-on-one virtual discussion to better understand your goals. If you are selected to become a capacity-building investee, we will begin the matchmaking process of finding SVP Denver partners who have relevant skills and a passion for your mission.

What SVP Denver Will Bring to the Table:

  • Targeted investments.  Our SVP Denver partners’ (members) time, professional expertise and resources include dedicated pro-bono consulting teams with relevant skill sets.
  • Skilled volunteers. Our dedicated and passionate SVP partners roll up their sleeves and help build your organization’s capacity in areas that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • Commitment to working in partnership. Often there’s a power dynamic in capacity- building relationships; we do our best to mitigate that. We invite honest feedback, own up to our mistakes and strive to find a path forward that works for all. SVP Denver partners may have specific expertise and skills that can help you, but you’re the expert in your mission. Thus, we see our investee engagements as peer-learning opportunities where we can learn from each other while working towards goals.

What We Will Ask of You:

  •  Willingness to take a hard look at what’s holding your organization back, and share those weaknesses openly. After honest conversations, we can get to work – together.
  • Flexibility and openness to working with our SVP Denver partners who have busy schedules, varied professional backgrounds and joined our organization to give back strategically to yours.
  • A commitment to calling us out when something’s not working for you. That may be uncomfortable, but our best results come from honest relationships.
  • Identifying the capacity-building areas you want to work on with us and how they relate to your mission.
  • Be open to metrics/assessments throughout the process. We want to understand what impact our work together has so we can track our progress.
  • Employ a work plan that follows a logic model framework as outlined in this resource.
  • Develop impact metrics for each change project, both at the end of our engagement and one year later.


What We Look for In Capacity-Building Investees:

A. Qualified Nonprofit Organization = your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is operating under a fiscal agent or is a social venture (public benefit corporation).

B. Operating in the Denver Metro Region = you are located within and/or providing 51% or more of your services within Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and/or Jefferson counties.

C. Mission and Impact = you understand how your services are meeting a clear community need.

D. Leadership Readiness = your executive director is a champion for change; and your board of directors both supports your application and will be active in our engagement. All of you have the desire to “get to the next level” in your organization’s evolution. Armed with a willingness to self-reflect and accept external input, you have an appetite for change, hard work and fun.

E. Capacity to Work with SVP Denver = your organization is ready for a collaborative relationship with passionate volunteers and has strong interest in a peer-learning relationship. Your staff/board will dedicate time to assessing current systems, strategizing their desired future state and work to get there on top of day-to-day operations.

F. Alignment = your organization offers interesting opportunities for SVP Denver partners and your needs are aligned with our ability to help.

G. Financial Stability = over the past three years, your organization has shown consistent financial stability, or you have a credible plan demonstrating continued operations as well as growth.

H. Inclusiveness and Equity = your organization embodies values, policies and practices that ensure all stakeholders are engaged equitably.


If you have any questions, please send an email to hello@svpdenver.org and we will get back to you within a few business days.

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