Calendar of Events

Our Impact in 2022

2022 was a big year for SVP Denver. We moved more than $1M in impact capital and delivered more than 3,000 hours of pro bono support and expert-led training to 74 social mission organizations – more than double the number of organizations we supported in the previous year. 








Looking ahead to 2023 

We’re excited to grow our impact even further by bringing together diverse changemakers committed to building a better Denver. Here’s a few highlights of what we’ve got planned for the year ahead:


Deepening support for Impact Organizations

We’ll be offering some of our flagship programs again this year, including Develop your Theory of Change and Make your Pitch – aimed at helping social mission organizations align their visions and get the resources they need. 

We’re also working on launching new programs to help nonprofits, social enterprises and BIPOC-led businesses create business models, improve their financial strategy, measure their impact and get connected to experienced advisors / mentors.  


Expanding programming for underserved entrepreneurs

Through an innovative collaboration led by the New Community Transformation Fund, we’re excited to participate in the Collective to Advance BIPOC+ Businesses (CABB).  Our goal is to make funding more accessible to underrepresented entrepreneurs and changemakers, so that they can grow their businesses in Denver and create wealth for their communities. SVP Denver will be one of several organizations that provides support and programming that helps entrepreneurs get funding and growth ready. 


Growing partnerships with world class businesses

We’re excited to continue collaborations with EY, Deloitte and other businesses in Metro Denver that connect their talented employees/leadership to meaningful pro bono opportunities with local impact organizations. We’ve got opportunities to expand our ‘Engaged CSR’ approach and looking forward to working with more businesses that want to partner for impact


Bringing our impact ecosystem together

There need to be more events and spaces where changemakers, funders and community members can come together. We’re excited to continue playing a lead role in creating purposeful connections. It will start with our 2023 Kickoff event and continue throughout the year with a new public event series that highlights impact leaders in our community working to solve some of Metro Denver’s most pressing challenges. 


Making our community more inclusive and accessible

For many years, SVP Denver operated under a membership model that asked individuals to give generously with both their time and money. Amazing people have contributed over the years, and we found that some were also excluded because they didn’t have the financial resources or flexible schedules to participate. We’ve transformed our approach to use a ‘pay what’s meaningful’ approach to becoming an SVP Denver Partner – ensuring that financial resources are no longer the only entry point to participation. We couldn’t do any of our work without the donations and time committed from our passionate, generous Partners and we’re excited to continue growing and supporting that community in the year ahead!


Closing thoughts

Working with the changemakers, innovators and leaders that participate in SVP Denver programs has given me new insight into entrenched, systemic inequities in our city – and it also gives me hope for the progress we can make together in 2023. I’ve been consistently blown away by the grit of the social entrepreneurs we work with, the generosity of our Partners and the collaborative spirit of our community. I’m looking forward to creating new ways for people to find the partners and resources they need to drive change in the year ahead. And I can’t wait to see what our ecosystem can do together.